In March/April of 2019 Stefania Dovhan will star in The Danish National Opera’s highly anticipated production of a beautiful, epic opera by August Enna in the title role of Cleopatra. This glorious, forgotten gem will be performed all over Denmark and at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, where it premiered in 1894!

OPERN-GALA im Rahmen der Venezianischen Messe Ludwigsburg
Marktplatz Ludwigsburg, Open-Air-Bühne
Stefania Dovhan (Sopran)
Christian Tschelebiew (Bass)
Wilhelm Keitel (Dirigent)

LAST NIGHT – 1001 NachtWerke von Rimski-Korsakow, Ravel und Tschaikowski
Stefania Dovhan, Sopran
Stuttgarter Philharmoniker
Marcus Bosch Leitung
26. / 28. Juli 2019, 20.00 Uhr

The Washington Group Cultural Fund presents Stefania Dovhan in a Solo Recital on March 17, 2019 at the Lyceum in Alexandria

Chamber Music on the Hill Presents
Stefania Dovhan – soprano
David Kreider – piano
Donizetti, Rossini, Belini, Duparc, Ravel, Poulenc, Dvořák and others. March 10, 2019

Soprano solo in Symphony Nr. 3 “Kaddish” by Leonard Bernstein (Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg) November 10, 2017

Mimi in La Boheme by G. Puccini (Hong Kong City Hall Theater) December 2017

Solo Recital Art Songs by R.Strauss, Donizetti, Bellini, Rossini and Puccini (Ukrainian National Philharmonic, Kyiv) January 20, 2018

Martha in Die Passagierin by Weinberg (Danish National Opera) August 22, 24, 26, 28. 2018

Rosalinde in Fledermaus by J. Strauss (Opernfestspiele Heidenheim, Germany) Click here for tickets and info

Mimi in La Boheme by G. Puccini (Opernfestspiele Heidenheim, Germany) Click here for tickets and info